Pharma Greed Kills

Multinational pharmaceutical companies are profit-centered, not patient-centered. SGAC envisions a world where drugs are publicly owned, and the health of the world’s most marginalized people is not exploited for profit.

Big pharma greed is a major obstacle to creating an AIDS-free generation. These corporations give millions of dollars to elected officials in campaign contributions, who then use their legislative power to hike the prices of medications, pass international trade deals furthering their rights to monopolies on prescription drug formulations, and limit rights of developing countries to generic production of medicines. We expose big pharma’s greed and demand patient-centered practices.

Antiretrovirals went from $10,000 per year to under $1 per day because activists challenged big pharma both at the table and in the streets. SGAC fights for and supports the rights of all countries to produce and import generic medicines to provide top-line medical care for all.

We oppose patent abuse and profit-centered health care.

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  • Michelle O'Donnell