Make a Call

Call the D.C. office of your Representative and tell them you want them to add their name! 

There is a sign-on letter in the House of Representatives advocating for an increased U.S. pledge to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria during the upcoming 2020-2022 replenishment. Global Fund Replenishment happens every three years, and it is when each high-income country that contributes makes a commitment to how much money they will give for the next three years. The next replenishment is in October 2019. 

The U.S. is the top donor to the Global Fund, and pledging more money is a signal to other high-income countries to increase their contribution as well. In a world where life-saving treatment for HIV exists, people should not still be dying of AIDS and we are calling on the U.S. as the wealthiest country in the world, to increase our contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria. 

Here's how to call your Representative: 

  1. Google your Representative's D.C. office phone number, or call the U.S. Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121 

  2. Call and say: "Hi, my name is _______ and I'm a constituent of Rep (your rep's name here). ​​I am very concerned about the AIDS crisis, and am calling to ask if Rep. ______ would add their name to a sign-on letter requesting a higher pledge to the Global Fund in the 2019 replenishment? The letter is co-sponsored by Barbara Lee and Chris Smith. I am happy to send the letter and the appropriate contacts for signing on in an email. Who is the appropriate staffer to receive this request?" (likely a foreign aid staffer or health staffer).

  3. Immediately send a follow up email to the staff they say is the best to receive the request. See below for an example of what you could send. In the email, copy/paste the whole text of the letter, AND attach it. 

  4. If they don't respond, politely follow-up the next day (and the next, and the next...) until they respond. 

The letter will close on January 17, so make your calls ASAP! 

Read the letter here. 

Follow-up email example: 

Good (morning/afternoon), 

My name is _______ and I'm a constituent of Rep. _______. I am deeply concerned about people living with HIV and the global AIDS crisis. I am requesting that Rep. _______ sign on to this letter (pasted below and attached). The letter is sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee and Rep. Chris Smith. 

The letter advocates for an increased U.S. pledge to the Global Fund during the upcoming 2020-2022 Replenishment, and is crucial to bringing us closer to ending the AIDS crisis. 
To sign on, please contact Diala Jadallah ( in Rep. Lee's office or Piero Tozzi ( in Rep. Smith's office. The deadline is January 17th. 
Really looking forward to the Member's support, and please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.