Fall Uprising Event


Thank you all for an inspiring and energizing event! Linked below are presentations and materials from our weekend at GWU.

AIDS, Activism, and Intersections -Jason Walker of Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY) blessing us with his inspiring story and analysis at Fall Uprising. Watch! Contact: jason@vocal-ny.org

Winning: Organizing to Build Power - Matt Kavanagh, Director, Global Health Policy & Governance Initiative at Georgetown Univ and Senior Policy Advisor, Health GAP. Contact: Matthew@healthgap.org

-Matt led us through some organizing theory, drawing off work of Marshall Ganz (see page 31 for campaign rhythm graph). We also practiced one-on-one meetings. For more background on one on ones, check out New York City Organizing Support Center's guide.  


Getting Your Letter to the Editor Printed -Melissa Chacko, PIH Engage Steering Committee.
Contact: m.chacko2013@gmail.com 


Starting an SGAC chapter -Dominic Crump, UVA Steering Committee member and New Chapter Liaison.
Contact: dkc7wp@virginia.edu 

Sample constitution for your chapter 


Ending the Global AIDS Epidemic - Hilary McQuie, US Policy Director, Health GAP. Contact: Hilary@healthgap.org

- Hilary did a presentation on what we need to end the epidemic, who are targets are, and what we can ask of every member of congress. 


Tuberculosis & Access to Medicine - Suraj Madoori, Treatment Action Group. Contact: suraj.madoori@treatmentactiongroup.org


Skillshare: Power Mapping (slides 29-40) - Suraj Madoori, Treatment Action Group Contact: suraj.madoori@treatmentactiongroup.org


HIV/AIDS and its Female Face - Domenic Crump, SGAC Steering Committee and New Chapter Liaison. Contact: dkc7wp@virginia.edu 


In It To Win It: Nonviolent Direct Action 101- Noor Mir, DC Action Lab. Contact: noor@dcactionlab.com 

- Noor did an active 3 hour training with us on Direct Action 101. To see direct action training agendas and lots of other action resources, check out Lisa Fithian's website Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change


Training on Effective Earned Media - Suzanne Turner


Facilitating Consensus - Emily Sanderson, SGAC National Organizer. Contact: Emily@healthgap.org

Many materials and definitions used from this site, and this site.


Bird-doggingEmily McNally, SGAC alum


LGBTQ Rights & HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa - Harry Samuels, American Jewish World Service. Contact: hsamuels@ajws.org 

- Harry presented on on barriers to HIV service delivery for key populations, including those laden in the PEPFAR bill. For a one pager on some of AJWS work, see Advancing Sexual Health And Rights. Another good piece on this topic is MSMGF's No End to HIV Until Human Rights of Key Populations are Protected


Showing Your Power to Congress - Justin Mendoza MPH, Public Citizen Access to Medicines Organizer. Contact: jmendoza@citizen.org