What do SGAC Chapters do?

  • They use congressional advocacy, the media, and direct action to fight for the policies and resources necessary to end the AIDS pandemic.
  • They educate students, young people, and communities about the HIV/AIDS crisis and their role in this movement.
  • They work in partnership with students abroad to support their advocacy work and their work on the ground fighting HIV/AIDS.
  • They mobilize on their campuses and in their communities for access to HIV prevention and testing.
  • They empower and train a new generation of activists who have the tools to transform their society along the lines of justice.
  • They make it more politically costly for our leaders to ignore the demands of global health justice activists, then to give in to their demands.


Current SGAC Chapters 

SGAC is growing! We have chapters in universities across the country including University of Virginia, Iowa State, and Saint Michael’s College just to name a few!
Join us today by starting a chapter on your campus! 
Just send an email to [email protected] for more information.