Health GAP Global Health Justice Awards

We couldn't be more excited to present the inaugural "Next Generation Award" to Ben Wikler tonight at the Health GAP Global Health Justice Awards.

SGACers, alums, supporters - we hope you will join us for this very special evening.

note: you can pay what you can afford for the event, we don't turn anyone away!

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Action Alert: Fight Against PEPFAR Funding Cuts

The President's Budget request is in, and it isn't great for global AIDS programs.  The President originally pledged $1.65 billion for the Global Fund, under the condition that the amount was matched at 2-to-1 by other Global Fund contributors.  With the pledge only matched up to $1.35 billion, the remaining $300 million should have been kept in global AIDS programs by moving the funds into PEPFAR.

Instead, the President's budget request for FY '15 leaves global AIDS $300M short from FY '14 levels, a cut that would relegate about 1 million patients to wait lists who were scheduled to being treatment.

This month, members of Congress will be submitting their wish lists to the Appropriations Committee -- let's get them to fight back against these cuts and fully fund PEPFAR!

Call your Congress and Senate representatives today! You can find the phone numbers for your representatives here and the phone numbers for your senators here.

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Urgent Action for Uganda


President Museveni has expressed his intent to sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda. The fight against bigotry and homophobia in Uganda has reached a critical point. Please take action TODAY to call Secretary Kerry's Chief of Staff.

Call In Information can be found here:

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2014 SGAC Annual Conference

The 2014 SGAC Annual Conference was an incredible gathering of student activists that took place at the George Washington University from February 14-16. Despite the challenging winter weather, we welcomed new students from as far West as Los Angeles and as far South as New Orleans, and we were especially pleased to have the biggest and best Positive Students Network Summit yet! We learned about the latest state of the AIDS epidemic, practiced skills from power mapping to effective civil disobedience, and shared our stories. Let's keep that momentum going strong in the rest of 2014!

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Harvard SGAC on SOTU

Harvard's SGAC chapter reacts to #SOTU in this Op-Ed - pointing out the budget cuts and trade agreements that will undermine public health, and calling on students and constituents to hold lawmakers accountable for the consequences of these choices.

"If our lawmakers won't face facts, it is up to students and constituents across the U.S. to make it known that they are, in the most urgent matters of life and death, continually falling short."


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Positive Students Network Summit

We had a great meeting of the Positive Students Network on Saturday, November 9th with students from around New York City. We are really excited to keep growing the network and bring even more amazing activists together for the next Positive Students Network Summit at the SGAC National Conference, coming up in February 2014!

Want to bring the Positive Students Network to your campus? Email us to chat about starting a chapter or to discuss how to be an ally to HIV+ students.

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Robin Hood Tax Rally on Sept. 17th

On Tuesday, September 17th -- the second anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement -- SGACers and over a thousand others took to the streets of New York City to demand a Robin Hood Tax! SGAC joined many other activist groups, including amazing student debt activists, to say that enough is enough: enough health inequity, enough economic injustice, enough corporate greed. SGAC is fired up and ready to continue fighting for a Robin Hood Tax to end AIDS.

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Action Alert: Call Your Legislators to Defend PEPFAR

The President's Budget is in, and it isn't great for PEPFAR. While the President suggested funding for the Global Fund at $1.65 B (which we applaud), he suggested a drastic funding cut to PEPFAR. At the beginning of next week (April 15th) members of Congress and Senators will be submitting their funding "wish lists" to the Appropriations Committee - lets get them to include funding for PEPFAR at the needed level.

Call your Congress and Senate representatives today! You can find the phone numbers for your representatives here and the phone numbers for your senators here.

Use the following script as a guide:

"Hello, my name is ___________ from ____________ and I'm calling to ask that Representative/Senator _________ submit a request in response to the President's budget demanding increased funding for domestic and global HIV/AIDS programs. While the President's request of $1.65 Billion for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria is commendable, his request for the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is severely deficient. PEPFAR must be funded at a level of at least $4.58 billion to continue our current investment in ending the AIDS pandemic.
Fighting HIV/AIDS is a fully bipartisan issue; at a time when we have the tools and expert consensus to foresee an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic due to scientific breakthroughs, America cannot afford to go back on it's pledge to realize an AIDS-free generation. Scaling back on our cost-effective programs will cost thousands of lives, weaken global economic development, and threaten our national security. A decade of critical investement and American leadership cannot fail now after significant evidence-based progress. We ask that Senator/Representative ____________ include in their funding wishlist a commitment to fully funding these life-saving programs."

Email Amirah to let us know about the calls you make!

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SGAC Spring Breakers Take over Capitol Hill #sgacSB13

Students from City College NY, Columbia, Harvard, Iowa State, and Yale University came to Washington, DC this spring break to fight for an end to AIDS. The students traded in swimsuits and tequila for suits and ties, and took to the hill to get their legislators to support full funding for Global AIDS Programs, the Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street to end AIDS, and lifting the federal ban on syringe exchange funding.

SGAC Spring Break

On Thursday, March 21st, the group took over Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's office with a Spring Break beach party. Their message: "AIDS Doesn't Take Spring Break, Neither Can It's Funding". The students sung staffers their rendition of the hit song, "Call Me, Maybe", entitled "Fund AIDS, Harry!", and agreed to leave peacefully after securing a meeting with Reid's office.

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Harvard SGAC Meets Eric Cantor: The Sequel

On March 11th, students from the Harvard SGAC chapter protested Eric Cantor due to his inaction on funding Global AIDS programs, and lifting the federal ban on syringe exchange funding. This is the second time that Harvard SGAC has met with Eric Cantor - the first took place in February 2011, when nearly 200 SGAC students from the northeast met up at Harvard to protest Eric Cantor's proposed cuts to global health funding.

Check out the coverage of the action in the Harvard Crimson.

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