Action Alert: Fight Against PEPFAR Funding Cuts

The President's Budget request is in, and it isn't great for global AIDS programs.  The President originally pledged $1.65 billion for the Global Fund, under the condition that the amount was matched at 2-to-1 by other Global Fund contributors.  With the pledge only matched up to $1.35 billion, the remaining $300 million should have been kept in global AIDS programs by moving the funds into PEPFAR.

Instead, the President's budget request for FY '15 leaves global AIDS $300M short from FY '14 levels, a cut that would relegate about 1 million patients to wait lists who were scheduled to being treatment.

This month, members of Congress will be submitting their wish lists to the Appropriations Committee -- let's get them to fight back against these cuts and fully fund PEPFAR!

Call your Congress and Senate representatives today! You can find the phone numbers for your representatives here and the phone numbers for your senators here.