2013 National Conference Highlights

What an amazing weekend! Our 2013 National Conference took place from February 1st to 3rd in Colchester, Vermont, hosted by the incredible St. Mike's SGAC Chapter. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the conference a success!

Day 2 of Conference

We had a great time learning about the current challenges facing us, building advocacy skills, and bonding with new friends from all over the country! We also created a strategy for the spring semester to hold leaders accountable and save the lives of thousands of people. We have a big job ahead of us, but SGAC has achieved incredible wins before and will do so this spring, too, thanks in part to the relationships we formed and the tools we gained this weekend!

Many of the conference sessions were videotaped and all of the conference materials will be uploaded here. Keep checking here for more as they become available!

Ending AIDS in Kenya: Funding Mechanisms for the End to Global AIDS


by Paul Davis of HealthGAP

Robin Hood is Coming: A Tiny Tax to End AIDS


by Jennifer Flynn of HealthGAP

Federal Budget Process Teach-in


Note: On slide 9, the incorrect subcommittee is highlighted. We are interested in the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs subcommittee that governs global health funding programs.

The Medicines Patent Pool and Access to Medicines


by Ethan Guillen

Trade Laws and Medicines