The start of the semester means that it's time to recruit new members! Check out our awesome new recruitment strategies tip sheet to help you grow your chapter this fall.

Once you've added new members to your team, our Fall 2013 Campaign Kit will help you take action this semester. Your chapter can also use the Activism 101: SGAC's Guide to Effective Political Action kit to gain the skills and tools you need to make the fall semester a success.

More tools!
  • Stay tuned for an updated chapter starting guide!
  • Fundraising 101 - A guide from the New School Queerocracy (an SGAC affiliate) on how to raise thousands of dollars to support your great ideas.
And some tools from our friends at Health GAP:
Here are a couple awesome videos you could show at chapter meetings or info sessions:
  • Who is SGAC? - Hear from SGACers about what they love about the organization and the movement to end AIDS
  • Sound the Call - A video by an SGACer about the campaign to get Obama to keep his promise to fund global AIDS, with quotes from Paul Farmer
  • Taking it to the Streets - See what the campaign to get Obama to keep his promise has looked like
  • It Doesn't Have to Be This Way - AIDS101, and why YOU should join the fight against AIDS

More tools and kits will be published as they become available.