Global AIDS Action Week


What is Global AIDS Action Week?

We are entering the final month of our First 100 Days to End AIDS Campaign and we are leading Global AIDS Action Week from April 17-21 to tell our Members of Congress: Denying New Patients=Death Sentence. Global AIDS Budget Cuts KILL!

Congress is having an in-district work period from April 10-21, and we are taking full advantage. We plan to bombard our Members of Congress with calls and in-office visits (planned or unplanned).

Plan a meeting, scheduled or drop-in, with your Member of Congress' in-district office TODAY! Let us know which Member of Congress you're reaching out to here. Plan every day to check if your Congressperson has scheduled a town hall, as they're often announced at the last minute. 

Trump just proposed an immediate $300 million cut to PEPFAR -- the largest bilateral fund in the world that treats a single disease. This is a line in the sand, and we need to make sure our Members of Congress know we won't stand for slowing down the pace of treatment for people with AIDS. PEPFAR was created because activists demanded it--and it has completely changed the face of the AIDS epidemic. Trump’s bankrupt proposal would be a humanitarian disaster, costing thousands of lives by insisting fewer people be given life-saving treatment, and Congress has the obligation to ignore it. Our Members of Congress make the budget, not the president, and we have the opportunity to demand what we really need for global AIDS: increased funding to end the epidemic.


How do I participate?

Commit to taking action the week of April 17-21 with the suggested actions or actions you develop with your community. You can sign up as an organizational co-sponsor or as an individual leader in your district by emailing As a co-sponsor, you commit to taking action alongside hundreds of other people. We are sending out suggested actions for the week, and don’t feel restricted by the suggested day. Take the action on the day which makes the most sense to you, just make sure you are using the hashtag #ActToEndAIDS

MON, APRIL 17 - Alert your networks about Tuesday's National Global AIDS Call-In Day!

Make your call-in successful by telling your email lists, social media networks, friends, about the call-in happening for Tuesday. We are providing an easy click to call link to be automatically patched through to your members of congress along with a sample script. You can share the posts from SGAC and Health GAP’s social media accounts, or write your own. 

TUE, APRIL 18 - National Global AIDS Call-in Day! (with postcards?)

If you are a student-based chapter, we strongly encourage you to plan a tabling event for this day with phones and scripts! Add on having people write a note to their Member of Congress on a 5x7 notecard demanding they act to fully fund the end of AIDS-- we have the science, we have the money, we need the political will to act. If Tuesday isn’t good for you or your group, find a day when you can get at least 10 other people to call-in with you!

You can mail the postcards to your Member of Congress’ Washington D.C., or better yet, deliver them to their in-district office! Check out what these offices had to say about people calling about the Republican healthcare bill.

WED, APRIL 19 - Visit your district office

Pick a day and time that works for your group this week and plan to show up to their office. It might be hard to schedule a meeting, so show up anyway. People who depend on PEPFAR don't have time for us to wait. Bring the Pledge to End AIDS as an Epidemic on a big poster for them to sign. 

Don’t let “by appointment only” cramp your style. If your congressional office is listed as being open “by appointment only,” you can either call ahead to make one, or you can try just showing up. We encourage you to show up regardless of having an appointment. Be ready if the office is closed—plan an action your group can take a video of, or take a picture of the closed office and post it to social media. Print our and bring signs from templates below.  Register your visit here!

If you've never done a drop-in visit before, this is a useful guide. 

THUR, APRIL 20 - Post: Why you #ActToEndAIDS


Share a 30 second video of yourself, co-worker, friend, or family member on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram about why you act to end global AIDS using the hashtag #ActToEndAIDS OR take a picture of yourself with a sign saying “I care about ending global AIDS because…”

Then, tag the chair of the Senate State and Foreign Appropriations (SFOPs) committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham and the chair of the House SFOPs committee, Rep. Hal Rogers, on Facebook or Twitter.

Do you feel shy doing this? There's an app for that. BIGVU allows you to write a short script ahead of time and then as you record, your screen acts like a teleprompter, and you look like a pro. 

FRI, APRIL 21 - Coalition building: Connect to the March for Science

April 22 is the national March for Science! The big march is happening in Washington D.C., and there are sister marches happening across the country: find one near you. If you can’t make it in-person to the March for Science, there is an option to register through their website so you can participate through live-streaming.

If you plan to attend in-person, we encourage you to use messaging akin to “We have the science, we have the money, we need political will. END AIDS NOW!” #ActToEndAIDS

Tweet at the march for science with @ScienceMarchDC and the hashtag #MarchForScience, with #ActToEndAIDS





ACT UP New York
ACT UP Philadelphia
AIDS Foundation of Chicago
American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Health GAP (Global Access Project)
Partners in Health Engage
Public Citizen
Student Global AIDS Campaign
Treatment Action Group (TAG)
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)


Sample Posters

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